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Prof. Dr. Eva Gutheil


Eva Gutheil received her PhD in Chemical Engineering (TU Darmstadt) and her second PhD in Thermal Energy Sciences (Stuttgart University). After three post-doctoral years at UC San Diego and UC Irvine, CA, USA, about two years at DLR (German Aerospace Center) Stuttgart and four years at Stuttgart University, she became full professor at Heidelberg University in 1998. She is associated editor of the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute among others and past International President of the Institutes of Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems.

Her research concerns the modeling and simulation of multiphase flows where various applications are addressed. These include spray combustion processes and their use in process engineering such as flame spray pyrolysis, spray drying, biomedical applications (e.g. particle dispersion and deposition in the human upper airways and blood flow in cerebral aneurysm), bioreactors, and applications in environmental physics (tropospheric ozone depletion events in the Arctic spring, evolution of GHG in urban areas).

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